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documentary footage filmed at harbor house

Filming for a documentary on teen pregnancy in America was done at Harbor House by France Télévision, the French national TV network. The documentary footage was shot over three days last month. The crew of two-correspondent Layla Demay and camera operator Ludo-travelled to Celina from New York where French TV has a U.S. office. They plan edit the film, dubbing it in the French language for their audience in Europe.

Danielle gets lunch preparedLayla and Ludo began their work by interviewing 15-year-old Nicole, a former resident who gave birth earlier this year to a baby boy and chose to parent him. They talked with Nicole at her home to see first-hand what she dealt with as a teen mom.

They then showed up here and faithfully followed April, Britney, Danielle and Erica around throughout their day, even filming them during their 6 AM aerobics exercises. The only thing they politely refused to participate in was eating a meal cooked by the girls.

They spent some time discussing RU-486, the French-made "morning after" pill, and abortion rights with Karla. Although Layla shared privately that she didn't agree with our viewpoint on abortion, she insisted that the treatment would be fair and agreed to allow us to screen both the unedited footage along with the final cut, and to provide copies of each.

Baby Think It Over® infant simulatorAfter two days of filming in Celina, Layla and Ludo travelled to Wisconsin to interview the makers of Baby Think It Over®, a computerized simulated infant that Harbor House uses for parenting education. During the time there, Layla suggested to the company president that Harbor House could use one of the newer models. The next week a company representative called to say that a new Real Care BabyT would be arriving soon, courtesy of the manufacturer.

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