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Since 1990, Harbor House has been one of only a handful of Christian programs in the United States that provides housing and support to pregnant teen girls (ages 11-17) exclusively. Our program offers a unique environment designed to help teen girls make an informed decision between parenting and adoption, and at the same time address behavior issues which often accompany teen pregnancy. What makes our ministry and programs uncommon among similar Christian teen housing programs?

• Family-style environment   • Private on-site classroom
• Daily mentoring   • Medical care 24-7
• Nouthetic counseling   • Adoption support
• Family involvement   • Experienced staff
• Inter-denominational   • Affordable for all

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See and hear as teens Molly, Kelley, Amy, and mom Teri share about some of the changes they each faced as the result of a teen pregnancy; and the role of Harbor House in it all.

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Celina, OH and Norwalk, OH Locations

Harbor HouseHousing is provided by way of shepherding family homes--several in Celina in west-central Ohio, and one in Norwalk in north-central Ohio. Each home is staffed by fully trained and qualified houseparents.

Living Room ViewIn 2006 our ministry received the gift of a beautiful home in Norwalk, about 25 minutes south of Sandusky. We are currently in the process of obtaining state maternity home licensure. In the meantime the home is being operated as a shepherding home.

To get a pictorial view of what life is like in a maternity housing program, visit our Flickr photo pages...


Hannah, Lucinda, Meggan and Kelley

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